So as it turns out, psychic mediumship runs in my genealogy.

Since I was very young, around 3 years of age, I’ve had diverse supernatural experiences. Experiences with mediumship, OOBE’s, auras, visions (retro & precognition), telepathy, and various other extrasensory and spiritually-natured encounters with beings. In fact, my first conscious memories were extremely graphic in nature.

Having worked with various psychics, my hunch that this was one of my past lives has been confirmed and reconfirmed.

It’s taken me years of life experiences, some of which have been traumatizing, in order to learn what my gifts could be if I grew myself as a loving, sentient being. Along the way, I’ve worked to purify my energy and learned to work this energy in a way that is healing to myself and to others. I have also obtained competence in divining and zooming in with help from my spirit guides, cards, astrology, numerology, crystals, herbs, mirrors, fire, pendulums, and my favourite instrument: my own body.

As a person whose acute sense of vision has been referred to as a “burden of knowing too much, too soon,” I’ve applied my keen insights over the course of my professional career in a number of different fields. Over the course of my curriculum vitae, I’ve consulted on matters such as: multi-million dollar private equity transactions, federal & state corporate policies, a diverse variety of entrepreneurial pursuits, internet & direct marketing systems, as well as consultations on deeply personal and taboo topics.

It has been commonplace for me to be the one sought for help on matters of “psychic” and mystical-natured topics throughout my life.

As one who has been the survivor of several near-death experiences leading to radical life transformation, I have learned the value of making informed decisions, rather than decisions based off the illusions and excuses we are fed in life.

I will boil myself down to 3 things for you…

I’m about:

  1. Love (albeit tough love, in most cases)
  2. Common sense
  3. The application of self-responsibility

I’m the one who will tell you what you need to hear – not necessarily what you want me to say.

Yeah, I know that might sound polarizing or a bit scary, but consider how many times it may have been invaluable to have had certain blindspots eliminated for you in life.

Now, I don’t call myself a “fortune teller” or even claim to predict “futures,” as I find those ideas to be limited.

I’m not into taking people’s power away by telling them how it’s gonna happen. I’m more about helping people understand what is happening now, why it might be happening, and what can be done to better align the situation to their goals.

Anything less than that is not much of a consultation, IMO…Annnnnd,<— Those kinds of readings are about a nickel apiece and lots of people can do them for you, just not this Cat.

It is brain-damaging, putting people into boxes. I find box-stuffing people to be discouraging and disempowering, so I simply refuse to do that when I could apply my gifts to a higher effect.

They’re my gifts, so it’s my choice.

I help you see where your “invisible boxes” are restricting you so you can get on with your life.

My motto:

Honour the Spirit, Empower the Soul.

As your intuitive consultant, my commitment is to helping you discover the root of what blocks the LOVE and success you deserve in life. My intuitive skills bring light and understanding to what is hidden and the things that are obfuscating your path.

I will help you command influence into your life which empowers you to make confident decisions, aligned to your Heart of hearts.

Let’s go “hindsight” together for a moment…I bet you can recall a time in your life where you think …

“Well, if I had just known about ___________, then ___________ never would have had to happen!”
There are so many missed opportunities that you may have never taken due to hidden information. These are the roadblocks I can help you remove so your situation is clear and you know what to do. Clarity begets confidence.

Life altering situations happen, folks. I especially learned the value of loving psychic insight when I was faced with the challenge of healing myself from an aggressive cancer while also making the decision to depart from a long-term relationship which was devoid of spiritual connection.

It was a doozy, but having help in knowing that I was looking at the situation objectively, not just emotionally, was so healing for me. It helped me make healthy decisions for myself that I had previously been too emotional to make for fear of making the wrong decision.

It is human to have fears, my friend. I want to help you let yourself off the hook for having them by making it simple. If you could differentiate which things are actually an issue from the ones that are just a waste of your energy, it can be that simple.

I’m of the mindset that life is a holographic expression of that which we allow ourselves to embody. We’re able to influence the fluid motions and nuances of our lives to suit our highest purpose and expression.

This covers all matter of things, such as: who we purpose ourselves to be, our life work, our bodies (physical, mental, spiritual), the love we give and receive, relationships of all kinds, et cetera…

As a conscious empath I apply every tool I have available to assist  you in “fine tuning” so you are empowered to create the kind of life you seek.

I’m generous with my attention to detail and earnest to help others by being the person I always needed when times were difficult in my very own life.

I don’t “nickel and dime” myself or others, so you won’t be getting a bunch of weird restrictions from me with regard to how I delegate your consultation. I’ll kick it to you straight and give you all the details that my guides and yours decide are the most beneficial, while helping you consider your strategy.

My personal goal is to help you to learn whatever you need to know about your current situation in order to most effectively navigate your path with clarity and confidence.

You may choose to hire me for email or web readings, via Skype (you may get it here if you don’t have it), where it may be possible for a stronger auric connection. Live consultations will be recorded and sent to you, post session.

1 Ralph M Labbee Jr December 31, 2013 at 6:35 pm

Hi Cat!

So very happy to see you out here in the blogospere again. You have been missed! Really looking forward to seeing what direction you go with your blog and how it evolves and develops as an expression and reflection of the beautiful person you are. Love you Cat! Blessings!


2 Cat Alexandra December 31, 2013 at 7:20 pm

Dear Ralph,

So cool to see you here and thank you for that kind message. I have been incubating myself in ways for the past while. I guess I might have a lot to share. Probably just observations about life from here, a new direction. 🙂

Cheers to you amigo. It’s gonna be an ahhhmazing year!

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