Email readings are delivered within 2-5 days, depending on the complexity of your reading and my availability. Your email reading will be well-written and as insightful as my guides and yours allow me to be. Average readings will be around 500-700 words, though they have also gone a good deal longer than that depending on the nature of the consultation.

Skype video consultations may allow us a stronger connection. All video consultations are recorded and will be provided, post session.

Reiki sessions can be done from any distance and sessions are approximately 30 minutes in duration.

Aura, Gemstone recommendations, Past life relationship readings, and Custom vibrance protocols are all delivered via email.

Shamanic journey sessions are done in person and typically take 2-3 sessions, depending on the nature of your journey and the complexity of the analysis. Please use the contact forms on this website to ask any questions you have regarding these in-depth sessions.


With regard to my standards, I must make the following notices, prior to your purchase:

  • I ask that only adult persons (18+ years of age) order readings, except in the event of a parent or legal guardian having purchased the consultation as a gift for their child.
  • All though a number of my clients have expressed that they felt a sense of healing energy come over them, I do not claim to heal in my sessions, nor do I make any claims to diagnose or cure health conditions. It is important that you know that any intuitive information which may come up around your reading is simply energetic feedback. If you have any concerns with your health, I would be happy to address this in conversation with you to help you understand what energies are around your situation; however, it is my firm position that you should also expediently seek out qualified professionals who can assess you properly. I am not a physician.
  • I don’t predict stocks or tell people how to invest their money here. If you’re seeking advice on investments or private equity, you should contract those services here, as this is a specialty which is done without speculation.
  • It’s important to me that consultations are constructive and effective for their purposes. Please do not book me to spy on situations that do not contribute to your own life picture. I don’t “drop in” on 3rd or 4th parties who are not involved in some kind of way.
  • I reserve the right to refuse a reading that I might find to be questionable, immoral, illegal, or just wrong…It doesn’t happen often, but it can, so I would like for this all to be clear and understood before we proceed any further.

Ultimately, it’s my priority to serve you to the best of my ability. With that said, it’s important to me that we begin together in the most positive light with clear objectives and understanding. This is the most optimal way for us to connect and discover the hidden truths that may unlock the secrets you wish to uncover.

What kind of consultation do you want?

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