Cat is a natural at accessing and working in the other realms.

Cat is a natural at accessing and working in the other realms. In addition to being a natural, she has dedicated her life to this practice; as exemplified by her: Qigong practice, daily rituals, meditations, and frequent readings. She sees into the layer of truth far greater than most other psychics or intuitives. She can tap into people's energy systems to understand them on all levels. With this understanding, she lovingly helps others see the bigger picture through bringing their attention to their: energetic, multidimensional, karmic, emotional, and cognitive aspects. She works with people's Higher Selves, spirit guides, and Archangels. I have had the great honor to be working with Cat over the past year and a half. We have dove into the depths of soul understandings and awakenings. However, more importantly, we have done full body and being integration work, or what Cat terms, "crystallization." This is the process of integrating all those aforementioned aspects of a person, to create more density and optimization. We have also sent out blessings for the world to raise it's frequencies. She has truly been a gift in my life and I look forward to further work together! If you want to understand your life in a more multidimensional way and to crystallize, you will surely love working with Cat. This is very special work.
Kari Halvorson, MS, Reiki Master, & Kriyalini Founder,
Awakening To Thrive

"she will, without a doubt, guide you too, all the way..."

Coming from a place of misery, depression and confusion, it was a true blessing to find Catherine and utilize her services. Her energy is powerful, healing and nurturing. She cut right to the heart of the matter and allowed me to clearly see every area in my life with a positive, simplicity and an exceptionally clear and focused lens. At the risk of using clichés, I literally feel like a different person. Every day is a gift and my future is limitless. I know this and learned from the very best. You owe it to yourself to allow this incredibly gifted woman to transform you into the person you could have only imagined. If you do the self work, she will, without a doubt, guide you too, all the way to the stars and beyond.
Marz Boland

A Journey with Cat

I was privileged to participate in a Journey with Cat. I have participated in many energy works, such as Qigong/Ch'i Kung, Reiki, Meditation, various energy works and Readings (Psychic) over the years. While each brought their own benefit, I have never experienced anything like Journey before. It was like meditating with a more conscious and interactive purpose. If you've never experienced it I highly recommend it for people, who not only want to have "real time" answers, but also want to reveal underlying meanings. Another thing I really enjoyed about Journey was that not only do you meet a Spiritual Guide, but you also have Cat there acting as a Co-Pilot. I really got a lot out of the notes/questions she was taking down, which was later evaluated revealing additional messages/information. Although I have enjoyed readings/energy work in the past, this is an interactive experience that lasts far beyond the session. You are given an individual "road map" to keep exploring/accessing as needed. Since my Journey I have frequently re-visited my place. This diffidently opens up another dimension that YOU can access anytime you want. If you'd like to experience something completely refreshing and transcendent, you won't be disappointed with Cat's expertise, intuition, and caring as she walks with you to the next level.
Michelle Folmar

How to deep 'Clean' a house

As being someone who is skeptical of new age healers/psychics, (or rather their genuine intentions), I can tell you Cat is not only authentic but ethical in her approach and motivation. A house I owned and used for a rental property had previously had negative and (bad) things happen there. Even my contractor and his son noted the heaviness and strange occurrences which happened in the basement. So much so, his adult son refused to work there alone. I contacted Cat to help me improve the property and remove unwanted residual residue of said negative happenings. Cat did an amazing job of not only assessing but documenting the process. I literally could feel the house be 'cleared'. The next day, my contractor who is of, let's just say "east-coast toughness", noted the difference. The heaviness, strange feelings and noises have stopped. I believe this was important to do, not only for future buyers, but my own processing the past in a positive light...and moving on.
Michelle Folmar

She provides a clear mirror...

I was coming from a place of hopelessness and confusion, so turning to a "psychic" for answers in my mind made me feel that it got worse. I thought, " If I can't figure out the answers for myself then the use of going to a stranger that knows nothing about my problems will definitely do me no good. " I learned something truly wonderful that changed the skeptic in me whether I rather remained that way or not. The truth is Cat may not be here to fix problems for you. With Cat's compassion and sincerity. Is that she does provide a mirror to see into yourself reflecting your strengths, even the strength you forgot were there, she helps guide you into remembering to never let go of it.
Jerica Jones

"She was more helpful than I expected and provided so much insight!"

I never expect much because most readings I have had were too general. My reading with Cat was a totally different experience! She was more helpful than I expected and provided so much insight! Details she couldn't possibly know were explained in a way that brought a completely different perspective to some issues I have been riddled over for a long time. I have recommended her to others, which is rare for me. If you are considering hiring a psychic who actually gets it and who will take the time to help you figure out what you need to know, you found her.
Audra P.

"I can't thank you enough"

I can't thank you enough for what you cleared up for me. I am no longer feeling frustrated. Somehow it all makes sense now. You have a new "regular."

"Cat gets me and there was no judgment, only understanding and compassion. "

I was skeptical about paying for a reading, but a friend recommended Cat to me. I felt comfortable right away and felt her intuit my needs even though I didn't really explain myself. I've been feeling stuck in negative situations that have made me a deeply depressed person. I am impressed with the way she was able to bridge me to what I want from where I have found myself. I feel like I actually know what to do to start fixing my situation, step by step. I told her things I've never been able to admit before. Cat gets me and there was no judgment, only understanding and compassion. I will definitely come back for more consultation.
Vickie Chavez

No 'Knee'd' to worry

I've known Cat for over 10 years. Not only is she a dear friend but a healer. I suffered an extensive knee injury which required surgery. Even after the surgery/physical therapy I continued to have issues. I also kept hurting the same side of my body. Beyond her wealth of knowledge of physiology, she is also a gifted and talented practitioner of Reiki and energy work. This allowed her to not only give me practical strengthening techniques; but more importantly use the energy work to begin healing from not only the inside, but the outside as well. For someone who, "seeing is believing", Cat's abilities can not only be felt... but seen.
Michelle Folmar

Now I know what steps I need to take to fix things.

I have never been a guy to believe in this stuff, but at the same time I needed some answers I couldn't get anywhere. Basically, my life started falling into shambles when I lost my job security and started noticing my wife acting differently. Cat told me about my relationship and my job in a way that has made me start to believe. She confirmed my suspicions about my wife and I caught her cheating, thanks to the advice I took. I admit that I didn't want to hear any of this, but at least I know what I'm dealing with. Now I know what steps I need to take to fix things.
Hector G.

"pretty mind-blowing...cosmic midwife"

Cat's intuitive readings of my energy as well as of the people important to my life was pretty mind-blowing at times. She was able to pick up on what was important to me, my life, and the direction I'm heading, and to cut to the heart of things - which is important in matters of the heart! Leaving one long-term relationship for another, Cat served as cosmic midwife, helping to birth something from out of the ruins of something that had run its course. I'm very grateful!
Robert Martinez

I almost could not believe how accurate you were, and also how you were even able to understand where I was coming from :)

Hi Cat, The skype reading you gave me was amazing! You are very very talented, and your insights are very helpful and spot on! I almost could not believe how accurate you were, and also how you were even able to understand where I was coming from :). You basically confirmed my intuitions which has made me feel more comfortable now :), and plus you also gave me helpful advice from our spiritual guides, which I think will make me feel a lot more comfortable with my situation at the moment. You're also very easy to connect with, and I felt safe with you as you really are a beautiful and talented person, which was great as I could be honest with you about my situation and feel comfortable at the same time :). Thank you so much :), lots of love xxx.

"Cat is an extremely gifted, healing person."

Cat is an extremely gifted, healing person. The awesome wave of vibration I felt as she transmitted energy lit up something in my body; it was certainly euphoric. You know something is happening because of the intense vibrations, and you feel a sense of wholeness, like a portal has been opened in your soul. It is a fresh, transcending experience and she has the best of intentions in mind; she works for the higher good and remembers to honour this.
Mani Lion

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