The misuse of “magic”

by Cat Alexandra on April 16, 2015

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Illusionism = fake magic

I remember clearly declaring to my parents at around 4 or 5 years of age that I was a magician. They, in their sweet attempt to encourage and entertain me, gave me a “magic kit.”

I played with it and got to know it very well and remember being so very confused at why this was called “magic.”

I had to learn the difficult lesson that there were people who called themselves “magicians” and weren’t doing real magic at all.  My young and unspoiled assessment of this was another word that I was taught by my parents. That word? – Lies.

It was a severe disappointment to me as a child and I remember being offended at what fakery this was.

Oh, silly me, of course you are...

Oh, silly me, of course you are…

To this day, the bastardization of the word, “magic” has been a pet peeve of mine. At the very best it is a delusion of grandeur.

True magic is a spiritual alchemical work. Any student of true esoteric sciences knows this.

Turns out that for hundreds of years, trick pimps and performance artists have usurped the word, “magic” to describe their work. This is what they were doing from the jump when they ripped off the word. It was a ploy to manipulate people out of money.

My position on this is that it’s an outright fabrication and it only has a place today because so many fed the notion, especially the mass of gullibles who seek only entertainment, versus spiritual enlightenment.

I refuse to call works of illusion or performance arts “magic.” I’ve never considered this magic and I never will. I consider the use of “magic” as a descriptor for such things to be a gross affectation…and it just feels sleazy to use the word that way.

Having stated all of that as clearly, I have been to see illusionist shows before and agree that they can be fun and entertaining. I have no bones to pick with any of that, but I do draw the line at illusionists using the word “magic” to describe what they do. That is a falsity and I call manure on that.

Wink, wink...

Wink, wink…

I understand why Aleister Crowley wanted to distinguish true Source magic from the phoney-baloney tricks people were pimping for tips…say what you will about the man, but if you haven’t studied him at all, you have no idea how spiritually enlightened and holy he actually was, but I digress.

Illusions are in no way, magic. End of story.

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